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Planning and Building Regulation Drawings

Our key service is to provide plans and drawings to obtain planning approval and for a builder or contractor to provide a quotation and build your project.

There are usually 3 stages of drawings we provide to our clients:

  1. Feasibility Sketches / Preliminary Plans
  2. Formal Planning Drawings
  3. Building Regulation / Construction Drawings and Detailed Drawings

Feasibility Sketches

At the start of a project we work very closely with our clients to gain an understanding of what it is they want. This process starts with some initial sketch floor plans and we investigate as many options to meet your brief as you require. Some clients approach us knowing exactly what they want but we still like to investigate any alternative options they may not have considered. At this stage some clients like to send us their own sketch plans or images of other projects they have seen.

Formal Planning Drawings

When submitting planning application drawings we adopt a more artistic approach to the drawing style to sell the designs to the planning officer. These drawings show the existing building and the proposed building with plans and elevations. They do not contain any technical information as the planning drawings are used gain permission to build, not how it is built.

Building Regulation / Construction Drawings

This style of drawing is purely technical and details exactly how the building is to be constructed. We include as much information as we can to enable the builder to construct and meet our design. We work very closely with builders to provide them with any additional information they require. At this stage we will incorporate any additional information from a structural engineer (where applicable). These drawings can also be used to send to builders to price for your project.

For more information please see our understand the process page.

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