New builds

Planning new houses from the ground up

At Blink Architecture we are often asked to look at potential land for development – whether a single dwelling or a site of multiple dwellings. We have a very high success rate for achieving planning permission, even on sites that are space restricted.

We start by assessing the development potential of the site. In some cases, it may not be clear whether the local authority will grant approval on land for development… So we adopt a more cautious approach to avoid exposing you to any meaningful financial outlay.

Part of our service is to apply to the local authority for pre-application planning advice. This enables us to get early advice from the planning authority regarding the likelihood of granting approval.

Obtaining planning permission

With positive feedback from the pre-application planning advice, we continue to develop plans further into a formal planning application incorporating your project brief and specifications. We use all of our knowledge and expertise to engage with planning consultants to obtain approval.

You will then be provided with building regulation drawings to help procure a builder. If you simply wish to sell the land on with the planning permission attached then we can put you in touch with some of our developer contacts.

We visited a client to investigate the potential for a side extension. We suggested that instead of an extension, there as potential to build a second house on their land. And we did. The client went on to build the property and halved their mortgage thanks to our advice and help.”


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