SAPS, EPCs and L1B Compliance

SAPs and Energy Performance Certificates

Blink Architecture are licensed to produce SAP reports and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) for new dwellings including U-Value calculations. These are all carried out in-house by an accredited Energy Assessor and are offered as a separate stand-alone service or as part of an architectural or Code for Sustainable Homes package.

SAP and Energy Performance Certificates start from £100.00 per dwelling with discounts available on larger sites or duplicate house types.

We are able to offer SAP calculations for the following:

  • New Build Dwellings
  • Conversion of Dwellings (including flats)
  • Extensions
  • Whole House (for excessively glazed extensions)

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for energy rating of dwellings is a calculation of a building’s energy efficiency. For a new house, dwelling conversion or self-build, you will need a SAP Calculation prior to starting on site to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. An Energy Performance Certificate is required upon completion.

Our aim is to work with you to provide affordable solutions to enable compliance and identify where money can be saved on build costs.

Unless otherwise instructed we would always look to adopt a fabric first approach to enable compliance with a dwelling by looking at the insulation levels in a dwelling, how it is heated and the thermal junctions. It is often down to the assessor to determine how the dwelling will pass and we aim to investigate all options available rather than simply specifying photovoltaic panels or other renewable energy sources which increase build costs.

At Blink Architecture we work direct with contractors, architects, designers and end users to keep build costs to a minimum.

Extensions and Part L1B (Excessive Glazing >25% of Floor Area)

Where an extension is being constructed and the glazed areas are more than 25% of the floor area Building Control will ask for the extension to be justified in terms of heat loss.

Typically, if an extension has a large set of bi-folding doors and a roof lantern or roof lights then heat loss will be greater through these elements. The whole extension needs to be justified and insulation increased elsewhere in the extension to make up for the heat loss.

Blink Architecture are able to carry out these calculations and will explore all options to provide the most cost effective solution. In some instances where it is not cost effective to increase the insulation and specification of glazing we will look to carry out a whole house SAP calculation.

Whole House SAP Calculation

It is normally more cost effective to complete a whole house SAP calculation where an extension is excessively glazed. This type of calculation includes the existing house as well as the extension in terms of heat loss so that an average heat loss can be obtained. To enable compliance for an excessively glazed extension it may be that no further action is required or that simple more ceiling insulation is added to the existing house.

For this type of calculation plans of the existing house are required. If these are not available then we are happy to complete a measured survey of the property on your behalf.

Please contact us to see if we can help save you money.


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