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Fleeing To Florence!

On 14th September Neil and Matt will be setting off from Dover driving a car costing no more than £200 all the way to Florence, Italy in 3 Days raising much needed funds for Martha Trust.

Read more here: Fleeing to Florence

Martha Trust make sure that profoundly disabled people enjoy as full and active a life as possible. Helping them achieve their potential and, where possible, their independence, Respecting their right to privacy, to choice and to Dignity. A great cause which we are so happy to support

We could really use your help, If you are able for spare a few pounds to help us support this fantastic charity, we would be so grateful.

We’ve set up a Virgin Money page if you’re able to donate online, or if an offline donation is preferred do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sponsor us here

(If you are donating more than £100 as a company, we will arrange for stickers to be placed on our car and displayed proudly on our journey across Europe, tagging you in our social media along the way!)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Neil and Matt

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