Artistic Whole House Refurbishment and Extension

An artistic finish and style helped to turn this once standard house into a very personal home. The end result is stunning and the client absolutely loves what we all helped to create.

This 1950s / 60s property was almost original when our client took ownership in 2018. The client, having raised a family now wanted something for herself to enjoy so we were appointed to help create her dream home. The brief was to create a home which would incorporate our clients artistic style as well as providing a home studio for painting and artwork.

The front of the property is completely transformed with feature glazing, a zinc roof porch incorporating a chain link downpipe. The front door is reclaimed from an architectural salvage yard and has been restored with bespoke windows matched to its design sitting either side.

As you walk through the front door you are greeted by a large open space and a stunning bespoke curved oak staircase introducing a vaulted ceiling to the stairwell. The view beyond through the open plan kitchen and living space gives a glimpse of our client’s other favourite pastime, the garden.

To the rear of the property a new extension has been added clad with vertical black timber and a zinc roof which helps to make a statement and visually separates the original part of the house from the extension.

It was a pleasure working with this client and being able to bring her artistic style into this beautiful home.

It was hugely special for me to show you around my home. I have been totally consumed by the project and obsessed and bringing you into the house gave me a reality check. For the first time I saw through your eyes what we had created and achieved. It made me emotional, I could hardly believe the enormity of it and how special it is. It was wonderful to share that time with you.

Thank you so much we made a great team.


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